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A Quick Visit to the Courthouse

Before setting out to bike across the country, we went ahead and knocked out the paperwork aspect of the whole wedding business.

Sara's mom made her outfit! (Including the mask.)

We're still planning for friends and family to celebrate with us in person, once the pandemic's cooled its jets. So this was parents and sibling only. We just went to the courthouse, filled out some paperwork, and came out with a marriage license. Then we got showered with bird seed.

Next we found a shady spot under a magnolia, where we exchanged silent vows and rings. (We got an officiant to sign the docs the next day.) (These photos are on a scroll.)

All that was left was to take more pictures, drink some wine, and then...

...we're ready for the road!

For those wanting more angles on the victory lap:

All for now!

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