Thanks for BEARING with us!

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The Big Picture:

We'll be having our wedding ceremony in Richmond, Virginia, along the north shore of the James River, on the morning of August 11, 2022.

Nittier & Grittier:


12pm - 5pm: for those arriving early, we'll spend the daytime making crafts, costumes, puppets, and decorations for the next morning (wait for it)

6pm: dinner and drinks (location tbd), then to bed early, for we rise at daybreak!


9am: meet at the Carillon Shelter in Byrd Park

(for those without vehicles, a bus will leave from the hotel at 8:45)

~ 9:15am: parade begins ~

9:15am - 10:15am: we march, bike, ride, or drive from Byrd Park to Texas Beach

~ 10:30am: parade begins ~

10:45am - 1pm: change into swimsuits, party on the water​

1pm - 4pm: lunch back at the Carillon Shelter (no booze; recovery time)

4pm - 6pm: naps and showers

6pm: Bingo Brewery for food and drinks (casual / optional)


Sara & Beau (and a gang of beautiful theater folk) fly to the Edinburgh Fringe

And now you have questions like…

Wait — aren't you already married?


Like many folks with a wedding originally scheduled for 2020, we went ahead and got those nups toight. But we didn't get to celebrate with all of you, and so we're having this party on what is technically *our second anniversary.* 

"The hotel?" What hotel? 

We have a block of rooms available at the Holiday Inn Express Richmond - Downtown under Holdren-Gambold wedding. (We'll post more details here in a day or two.) The bus will leave from there in the morning and take you back in the afternoon. But Richmond also has a legit (& free) public transit system, as well as taxis, etc, if you'd rather land elsewhere. (If you'd like to look for your own place to crash and want some advice, just hit us up. Someone has got to try The Black Pine, Richmond's amazingly goth-tastic Airbnb.)

I saw mention of a parade?

You certainly did — the whole world's our aisle, alright? 

We will be dressed to the 9s, 10s, 11s, and onward as we take a ritual stroll through the streets of RVA. This is a celebration, and we want it to be fun, freaky, and perhaps a little much (it's THEATER, after all!).You should wear whatever makes you feel festive and fabulous (fancy or not), including shoes you can do some trekking in. If you're joining us for the pre-festivities on Wednesday, come prepared to make your own headdress, cape, flag or cardboard effigy (we're gathering materials already), or just borrow one that's been made. Let's have a good time.

What if I can't / don't parade? 

The parade "route" is about a mile and a half. So wear comfy shoes, or if that distance is pushing it then feel free to just meet us at the Texas Beach Parking Lot — from there we will walk the shorter distance down to the James River, where we'll be holding the ceremony. 

Alternatively, we're looking into bicycle rentals and can direct you to some good options, if that sounds of interest — just hit us up. 

Texas Beach?

Is a Richmond staple — it's just a nice place along the James where we can all get into the water and have a good time. We'll have hammocks and drinks and set up a sheet that people can change behind. There's no restroom, though, so incorporate that info into your morning planning.

The James has been our oasis over the last year and a half, and we're excited to share it with you — we live at a point where the river is mostly rocky and shallow, so you can walk right out into it if you like (again: bring appropriate shoes) and in other places you can also swim. This is where we escape when the rest of the world is much. A little ways down from where we'll be is Henry's resting place. This area is special to us.

Is there a registry?

Kind of? The day after the wedding we leave for Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Sara's company Tiltyard is taking a play there for two weeks (Beau's helping), and then we'll be spending a week in Italy. The Fringe project is a big independent endeavor, and we have a Kickstarter working from now through July 25th to help fund it. In lieu of wedding gifts, we'd love it if you'd donate to this project (and help spread the word!). Or, if you'd rather help fund our honeymoon week in Italy, you can Venmo Sara (@SaraHoldren) with a note about Barolo or beaches or Parmigiano Reggiano

Alright, folks — this is happening!

We're so excited to see everyone, and to celebrate the wedding with friends and family. It's gonna be a great time. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions:


(512) 669-1354


(434) 825-4788

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photo by Molly Hennighausen